About Us

Who Are We

Sempeak, founded in 2011, is a digital performance agency that works with a professional spirit. It produces boutique solutions by doing a detailed needs analysis in the services it provides to its costumers. We think like digital marketing department of brands, focus to increase the brand awareness.

Mission - Vision


To make innovations in the field of performance advertising and to be the first agency that comes to mind in this field.


Our target is to become the most crowded and efficient second Performance advertisement agency in Turkey by 2021.

Our Values


Our Difference

We apply the innovations first.
We provide trust and transparency in account managements.
We take the steps toward your targets with you.
We are Google’s partner in Turkey.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

PROJECT: #benvesosyalmedya (#meandthesocialmedia)

Project Partner: Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions

Goal: To Inform Kids About Social Media

In the project #benvesosyalmedya we designed with Darüşşafaka, we aim to; 

To create awareness for the negativity that secondary school students might encounter while using social media and teach them how they can manage themselves. 

Also to be able to explain the possible results of what they post while using social media and therefore they should be more careful while posting.  

Darüşşafaka was the first event we have done with this goal, children's attention was satisfying.


PROJECT: Digital Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Project Partner: Nişantaşı University

Goal: To inform New Media Department students

We met with the New Media Department Students in the event we organized in Nişantaşı University Saadabat Campus.

The event started with the presentation of the titles digital marketing covers, business lines in this sector.

Then Sempeak told its experiences about its area of expertise SEO and Adwords Ads and Social Media Ads included in Performance Marketing to the students.


Sempeak is within one body of Peak Group established to provide service in the field of advertisement and to make investments
to online projects by producing traditional and modern ad solutions in Turkey.