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Today, the amount of data produced is growing every year. Using this recorded data in decision-making is the main subject of the data analysis process. Google Analytics can now provide much more specific information to visitors.

In content websites;

Time spent

How much the page is scrolled

Video viewing times

In form pages;

Users which leave before filling out the form leave before filling out which area,

The form filling rates of the users who follow the introduction video compared to the users who have not watched it,

On sales websites;

Which product is left in the cart more,

Users who come from which sources shop more,

Which information draws more interest in the product pages,

The above information is measured. These measured data are used in conjunction with 5-year experience of Sempeak to increase overall conversion rate of your site. Different versions of the pages in your website (cart, product or category page) are created with the experiments to be designed. By measuring the impact of these versions on the conversion rate, the goal is to continuously increase the conversion rate of your website.