Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO can be described as all the improvement works done for search engines related to a website. The purpose of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to increase the rank of a website by increasing the value of the website, and thus, increasing the number of visitors of the website.

With SEO efforts, your website becomes fast, easy and informative to the end users while at the same time the search engines create an infrastructure in which your website can be easily understood technically.


Why is SEO important?

The vast majority of Internet users prefer search engines to reach a website or a product or service. At the same time, it is known that almost all of the users visits the sites that are placed near the top in search engine results.

SEO efforts realized to get to top rankings on search engines increase the number of users who come to the website. The product or service promoted in this way reach more people easily.


What is SEO good for?

   Increases ad performance of the website.

   Makes it easier to reach the target audience. It also expands the access area.

   Increases the number of the visitors of the website and expands transaction volume.

   Increases brand awareness.


What are SEO Efforts?

SEO efforts are a part of technical optimization, content optimization and promotion works. When these efforts are done in an interrelated and correct way, your website will be placed in the top positions in the search engines in the desired keywords.

We perform some technical changes by analyzing your existing website so that you can be placed in the top positions with your target keyword or keywords in the search results pages of the search engines with the technical efforts. There may also be cases where codes or infrastructure of your website restrict search engines or make it difficult for them in accessing your website. After we identify these situations, we optimize them to make them suitable for keywords.

Another important issue for SEO efforts in websites is content optimization. One of the stages of our efforts is to analyze the content density of the existing pages on your website in terms of key words.

Content and the relationship of pages to each other are also analyzed. In content analysis, the density of the page content is also determined for the different keywords that should be available for each page. As a result of all these analyzes, the structure necessary for content optimization is created.

Finally, we aim to increase the Authority value of the Domain name of your website with promotional activities and strengthen the connection between brand and product. We promote awareness of your website by promoting it via other websites. We perform promotional activities without using chain sites or blog networks with publications where customer approval is received and checked regularly.


SEO efforts are the whole of the works done in different areas.


We also aim to achieve long-term and lasting results rather than short-term and temporary results in our SEO efforts.